About Me

About Me

A gap year 2023 !

In 2023, with a bit of a quirky twist, I decided to take on the challenge of a gap year. So, what am I up to, you ask? ...
My first paper

My First Paper

Presentation at international conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT29) results in my first scientific paper!
Harvard University edX

Harvard edX CS50

Took online computer science courses, CS50 in edX. Completed both CS50x 2022 and CS50x 2021.
Technovation Girls 2022


Made an iPhone app (PMS care +I) and participated an App competition as an individual member. Got quarterfinalist.
Scientific Research project @ Ocha Univ. in JAPAN

Presentation at LT29

conducted an experimental research at university, resulting in a presentation in an international conference and a pape...
self introduction

Volunteering at PHT

Family vacation at PHT. I attended class from our hotel.
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Family vacation at PHT

We came to Phuket for the first time in three years. Nothing much has changed, except that there is now a convenience s...
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Who Am I

Born in February 2005 in Kanagawa, Japan. Currently lives and works in Tokyo. Enrolled in two independent high schools ...
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My learning Journey

2 years ago(FY2020), I learned C#. That made me get interested in coding.The next year(FY2021), I participated in two p...
Experiment at Ocha Univ.

Experiment at Ocha Univ.

I had an opportunity to conduct an experiment in a university laboratory. The facility that I used was a SQUID magnetom...