Executive Summary

+Lab About +Lab

Team Member : Airi Furukawa
Your Business Name and Location : + Lab(Plus Lab), Tokyo, Japan.
Product Name : PMS care+ I (feature plan : PMS care+ II, Cons+ I, Cons+ II)
The Product/Service Offered : + Lab offers mobile apps that help people with premenstrual syndrome, constipation, and etc. “PMS care+ I” and “Cons+ I” monitor user’s daily temperature and the amount of exercise in a day, and gives daily message that proposes appropriate diet and exercise. “PMS care+ II” and “Cons+ II” are  system apps that deeply learns the correlation between information obtained from wearable devices such as the Apple Watch and defecation/menstrual pain, predicts the future by AI and Big Data Analysis, and proposes diet and exercise to improve constipation and menstrual pain.