Market analysis

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Description of the market : “Cons+ I”, “Cons+ II” are targeting to all people who suffers from constipation, and for “PMS care+ I”, “PMS care+ II” +Lab is marketed to all the women who has menstruation(about 2 billion), especially young ladies who may have severe PMS.

“PMS care+ I” and “PMS care+ II” are specified for the PMS care, and we could not find any apps focusing on that. So, we believe that this could be regarded highly.

Competitor analysis : “PMS care+ I” and “PMS care+ II” are apps that are specialized in PMS while other competitors(MTI Ltd., etc.) focus on predicting menstrual cycle and provide systems for fertility treatments.

Changed in response to your competitor analysis : Most of the app is concentrating in the cycle. This fact made us to further differentiate our app from them by adding advice for reducing PMS. Also, we expand our plan to “PMS care+ II” projects in which we are going to use AI and big data analysis to extend our knowledge of PMS care, and increase the accuracy of prediction.