About Me

A gap year 2023 !

In 2023, with a bit of a quirky twist, I decided to take on the challenge of a gap year. So, what am I up to, you ask? ...
My first paper

My First Paper

Presentation at international conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT29) results in my first scientific paper!
About +Lab

Marketing Plan (strategy & implementation)

Branding : “+ Lab” is the team that consists of science enthusiasts who want to help people by coding useful app based ...
About +Lab

Market analysis

Description of the market : “Cons+ I”, “Cons+ II” are targeting to all people who suffers from constipation, and for “P...
About +Lab

Product and/or service description

Description & Benefits : “PMS care+ I” is an app to help people reduce PMS. It predicts the next period and tells u...
About +Lab

Company Description

Structure : nonprofit (Not established yet)Mission statement : + Lab will be established to support all the people in t...
About +Lab

Executive Summary

Team Member : Airi FurukawaYour Business Name and Location : + Lab(Plus Lab), Tokyo, Japan.Product Name : PMS care+ I (...
Harvard University edX

Harvard edX CS50

Took online computer science courses, CS50 in edX. Completed both CS50x 2022 and CS50x 2021.
Technovation Girls 2022


Made an iPhone app (PMS care +I) and participated an App competition as an individual member. Got quarterfinalist.
Scientific Research project @ Ocha Univ. in JAPAN

Presentation at LT29

conducted an experimental research at university, resulting in a presentation in an international conference and a pape...