Marketing Plan (strategy & implementation)

+Lab About +Lab

Branding : “+ Lab” is the team that consists of science enthusiasts who want to help people by coding useful app based on the AI research and Big Data analysis. The Logo indicates the bonding the people by the app, and help each other to stand for.

Strategy : First, we will launch the app on Apple Store. Then we will contact schools, community centers, etc. to advertise our app. We will also use Facebook and other social media. We will add QR code to have a survey on google form to get feedbacks from the users.

Details : “PMS care+ I” and “Cons+ I” will be used for free. If we need, we will add popups ads to collect some money to develop the system further. “PMS care+ II” and “Cons+ II” will be charged for $1.

When I enter a university, I will recruit the members of this team, and will start coding “+ II” series. Before that, I will launch “PMS care+ I” this summer, and “Cons+ I” the next year.