A gap year 2023 !

About Me

In 2023, with a bit of a quirky twist, I decided to take on the challenge of a gap year. So, what am I up to, you ask? Well, let me share some fun tidbits with you!

I’ve immersed myself in the somewhat zany world of Japanese cram schools. I mean, where else can you study all subjects in Japanese?! It’s funny to think that three years ago, I was grappling with learning all subjects in English for the first time, and now, it’s the other way around. I find myself stumbling over specialized jargon, like riding a language rollercoaster – it’s quite the amusing adventure, to say the least! 😄

But that’s not all! I’ve also decided to give my old iPhone app, PMScare +I, a makeover. The inspiration struck when the Apple Watch 8 made its debut last August, with its automatic body temperature measuring feature. I started working on it in February and wrapped up the updates by September, sending it off to Apple Store Connect. Now, I’m hard at work, making further improvements based on feedback from Apple. I take pride in contributing to women’s health through this project. Here’s to hoping the app finds its way to your hands soon!